Power in every sip!

We offer quality smoothies and protein shakes made with special care to anybody who wants to reach their body's fullest potential.

About us

Born out of obsession

The Fuel Bar was created by people who care about how their body looks and feels. Our products are made by the rebels, who do not want to be limited by poor health and lack of power. That is why The Fuel Bar is the child of our passion for fitness: we are strong-headed, so having a strong body to match that is the ultimate goal we are striving to reach every day.

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Amazing flavors

We love great food. We love great taste. We believe that the products you use to enhance your diet should have amazing flavor as well.

Premium Ingredients

We only use premium ingredients by collaborating with the best providers in the world to ensure that Fuel Bar products bring the best results.


Created with you in mind

Our obsession has led us to discovering the best products for any body type and any goal your mind might think of. Made with the best ingredients, The Fuel Bar's products make sure that you can reach your full potential – without having to sacrifice the taste.

Customer Reviews

New Favorite Spot!

New Favorite Spot In Town!! The friendliest staff to sit and talk with, who also give great recommendations on what to order. Acai Bowls are amazing, you can customize it with fruit, chia seeds, and other various toppings. The Matcha Magic & Georgia Peach Smoothie + Havest Greens & Lemon Blush Fuel Freshers are some of my favorite items! For a Pick-Me-Up try the Cocoa Magic with a shot of Espresso. Absolutely delicious. - A Gingered Life

Best Discovery Ever!

OMG! 😱 I JUST DISCOVERED the most affordable, delicious, efficient, and happiest way to successfully nourish my body every day! Beyond thankful for Fuel Bar in Griffin! No one cook for me, from now on I'll be receiving my daily meals here as I work through nursing school. Bryan and Rhonda were knowledgeable, nurturing, and a pleasure to chat to as I fueled up from blood labs. - Jessica Shalev

Absolutely Amazing!

The Snickerdoodle shake is absolutely amazing! The staff is always friendly and cheerful. This place is a great addition to the community. I’m so glad I found them. The Coco Delight smoothie was also good. - TaeJays

"Brian and Rhonda have an amazing staff and a great atmosphere as well! Basically a new version of Cheer’s! Recommended!" - Joshua Peugh